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Hello beauties!
Today I am writing you to tell you something about a brand, as unknown in Italy as in the rest of the world.
In my country there are only eight stores in total, in countries such as Germany and Spain there are some more, but nothing comparable to stores like Sephora in the world, or KIKO here in Italy.
Want to know more? Then read on!

History of the brand - As you can read from their official website, Flormar is an Italian brand born in Milan in 1970, which two years later moved all its production in Turkey (probably because it wasn't really popular in Italy). This is perhaps the reason why Flormar is most known in countries such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Romania, where there is a bigger number of stores .
What we read on the site is: "Flormar products are produced in Kosan Kozmetik San. Tic. A.Ş. Gebze, TÜRKİYE facilities. Today Flormar is Considered one of the strongest players in the cosmetics sector with its production areas that are spread to 15,000 and 6,000 meter squared land and the capacity to produce 7 million pieces monthly."
The fact is that despite this huge production, in countries with higher consumption, such as the United States, UK and South America, the brand is almost unknown (or at least, have you ever heard a YouTuber talking about this brand?).

Products - In my city, Bologna, a Flormar store was opened two months ago. I already knew the brand, since I have friends who live in Milan who had told me something about it, but I had never had the opportunity to test their products and the competence of the make-up artists/shop assistants.
The fact is that in April, coming back from Cosmoprof (a make-up fair  that takes place in Bologna) I had a look, and the first thing I bought was the "Passionate dots invisible powder" of which I'll speak right now, along with other products.

   The "Flormar Passionate dots invisible powder" is a fixative and mattifying powder, perfect for my combination-oily skin. The packaging is practical and cute, the transparent box is handy as it allows you to see how much product is left, the cover is so cute, and gives the right jaunty aspect.
The product itself is MAGNIFICENT. I can put a foundation for dry, combination, oily skin, I can put tons of makeup on my face or go for a nude look: if I apply this mattifying and fixative powder, makeup will remain on my face all day, showing no signs of abating, or skin oilness if not after six/seven hours.
Usually I apply it with my Kabuki brush.

 "Pretty Cream & Glaze Lipstick" in Aubergine. Let's start with the packaging: it leaves to be desired. It's not very practical, as the base is smaller than the cap and this fact doesn't confer stability to the product at all. In addition, both the name and the color make it look like a toy for children.
The product, however, is another story. I was looking for a dark matt color lipstick , and I found it: a purple, almost black, dark, smooth, matte lipstick, it doesn't dry your lips too much and lasts even after eating. I love this product.
In addition, it smells of vanilla.

 "Waterproof Lip Liner" no. 224. The Packaging is fairly basic, neither bad nor good, nothing special.  I really like the product: I bought it along with Pretty Cream and Glaze in Aubergine and I am very, very satisfied. First of all, it's really waterproof, I went to the pool and it was flawless; the texture is perfect, neither too soft nor too hard, and perfect to blend into the interior of the lips for an ombré effect.
Absolutely promoted, I'll buy this again.

 "Flormar lip brush." This brush is perfect, tiny and easy to put in your purse, soft and really accurate.It has synthetic bristle, I really like it and I use it often.

   "Flormar Mono Eye Shadow" in no. 04 (black), "Flormar Matte Terracotta eyeshadow" in no. M110 (Camel-light brown), "Flormar Matte Terracotta eyeshadow" in no. M103 (dark brown, unfortunately broken).
Let's first talk about the black one. It's one of the most pigmented and homogeneous black eyeshadows I have ever seen; in the swatches that you can see in the picture I made a single pass, taking very little product. These eyeshadows aren't messy at all, there have been no fall outs during application.
Let's talk about the Terracotta eyeshadows. Personally, I love them. They are baked eyeshadows, so you can use them dry, if you want to go for a softer look, or wet to make the color look more intense. My favorite is the number M110, the Camel color/light brown one, I fell in love with it, and I use it to add dimension to the eyes.
There are 4g of product in all three eye shadows, which is a lot, considering that you'll only need a small amount of product to get really great results. I love them, the packaging is really beautiful.
I almost forgot! All eyeshadows are fitted with a small mirror, very practical.
(the black one €4,90, the terracotta ones €10.90)

photo from 
 "Flormar Quartet eyeshadow" in no. 407. This product was given to me for my birthday, and I must say that I was very thrilled to be able to try it, especially because blue is my favorite color.
But I was quite disappointed by this little palette. The white eyeshadow is invisible, and the dark blue is very inhomogeneous on the eyelid. I was expecting results that would have matched those of the mono eyeshadows, but apparently they don't: let's say out of these four eyeshadows I'd buy only two, because the white one isn't pigmented at all, and I'll use the blue one only to give a shadow in the crease or at the end of the eye.
At least they are not messy.
(Sorry for the photo taken by another blogger, but I've borrowed the palette to one of my friends.
This product was given me for my birthday so I don't know how much this is).

 "Flormar Revolution Waterproof mascara." I am extremely disappointed by this product. I don't like it at all. First, it's anything but waterproof. How do I know? First, I went to the pool, and as soon as I went out, the panda effect  was assured.
Secondly, it crumbles really quickly, and within two hours or less I found fragments of mascara on my cheeks, which isn't sign of the maximum strength, especially for a waterproof mascara.
The formula is too sticky, instead of combing my lashes and make them thicker, it sticks them together in one big, messy lump of product.
I won't buy this again.

Summing up: what do I think about this brand?
Flormar shops are beautiful, colorful, the shop assistants are VERY kind and helpful and competent.
I have to say that for now I love this brand. I know I've tried few products, but out of the ones I've tried, only one really disappointed me, another "quite disappointed" me.
If you think that I spent five euros for that black eyeshadow, which is more pigmented and smooth than the one in the Urban Decay Naked Palette, I would say that it's a big deal, right?

Tell me what you think: would you like to Flormar a store in your town? Is there any product you are interested?
I am willing to do a giveaway, when I'll have some readers, so that you'll be able to try these products that I really like.

Talk to you tomorrow sweetness,
A kiss,

PS: if you want to give me advice, have a chat, ask questions, this is my email

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