My July wish list!

10:35 AM

Hello beautiful!
How are you today? Have you missed me a little bit?
Today we’re talking about make up and fashion…wishes!
Are you ready? Let’s go!

As you can see from the picture, I have way too many make up wishes. But I’ll tell you a secret: some of these dreams are becoming true in a week or two :)

 First of all, we have the Lorac Pro Palette 1: it’s been the dream of my life for such a long time and my friend Lucrezia is buying it for me when she’s going to the USA in a week or two.
I love that there’s a row of mat eyeshadows and another one of shimmer eyeshadows, and I think the packaging is sooo nice. Another thing I’ve noticed is that the colors are something like a mix between the color of the Naked Palettes, aren’t they?
By the way, this is the first wish and, as I said, I’m so happy about the fact that it’s becoming true!

The second product in my make-up wish list is…a lipstic from M.A.C! Okay guys, you’ll slowly understand that I have an obsession for lipsticks and lip balms and lip glosses.
This color is PleaseMe from MAC and I’ve loved it since the first time I saw it, that was yesterday. I’ve just finished my KIKO nude lipstick and I’m so desperate! I’m definitely buying this in Barcellona.

And in Barcellona I’m also buying the two other products in my wish list! The ZOEVA 227 Soft Definerbrush, which is “a dupe” of the MAC 217 Blending brush and the Sigma E25Blending Brush.
I already have a blush brush from ZOEVA and I’m just IN LOVE with it!
By saying that it’s a dupe, I don’t mean that MAC 217 isn’t worth the price…I’m going to buy both of them! :’)

The other product I’m buying in Barcelona, which has been in my “oh my god if I had this product how cool would it be” it’s the NYX Butter Gloss. I’ve watched and read so many positive reviews that I’m almost in love with this little guy even though I’ve never tried it!
Hope it won’t disappoint me.

As you've probably read, I’m looking for the perfect foundation for oily skin and many people online suggested to try this MAC Studio Fix Fluid and I’m definitely buying it!
I still don’t know when, at the moment I have so many things to buy, but I will!


I’m really into light blue and jeans-dresses at the moment, as well as I am into leather bags. I found that the light blue matches perfectly with leather color, and I’m so in love with this kind of outfit that I’ve probably bought too many leather and light blue things (you’ll find out in my favorite post).
So my wish list is filled with this AMAZING dress and this wonderful little bag from Pull&Bear, and also this amazing jeans-jacket (how do you call that in English?!) which is from Bershka.


You also have to know I’m fighting a battle: I can’t find the right shape of sunglasses for my face, they are either too big or too small, and those amazing round sunglasses all “cool” girls rock make me look quite crazy.
Finally, when I was in Venice, I found these Tom Ford cat-eye sunglasses, but they’re obviously too expensive for me and my parents don’t want to spend so much money on sunglasses (they are €245).
So I found out that this shop, Bijou Brigitte, which sells necklaces, bracelets, ear rings and all this kind of stuff, also sells these AMAZING cat-eye sunglasses, which are only €14.50. I’d say MUCH cheaper ;)

I’m so into leather things that…I’m in LOVE with these sandals. You can call them Lace-up sandals, Slave sandals or Greek Sandals, I only know that I love them so much.
Those in the picture are from Blocco 31 and they are the love of my life.

What are your July wishes? Are they going to come true? Would you suggest me anything?
If you want to give or ask me advice or just have a chat contact me at

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