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Hello sweeties!
Here we are again with another post.
Today's post won't focus on beauty or skincare products but more about attitudes to avoid - and those to encourage - on vacation.

Coming back from a winter that - unless you got an UV tanning session or you have dark skin - has made us look like mozzarellas, as soon as we hear the words "sun, sea, sun lounger" our mind immediately conjures up an amazing image of a tropical ocean accompanied by heavenly voices of celestial creatures.
Yes, sunbathing and basking in your own deserved rest is the dream of anyone, but be careful: it can also become a nightmare.

Check your skin photo-type and, according to that, buy a sunscreen that gives you TOTAL protection. Contrary to what you've probably heard, sunscreen helps and facilitates healthy tan, contrary to what would happen without applying it. Unless you like the "cookie charred" effect, obviously.
The history of skin photo-types is complex and changes a lot from skin to skin. In other words, people with pale skin and many freckles should apply a nice thick layer of 60 + protection, even if they are already tanned: this type of skin is the "skin photo-type one".
Then there are the skin photo-types two, three and four, which are the darker shades of skin. People with this type of skin should put, respectively, 60 and 50 protection before a tan, 40-30 after having taken a little tan.
People with skin photo-type five should wear a 40-30 protection before a tan, and 20 after tanning.
Another urban legend is that black people are not sensitive to the sun: it is true that they are less sensitive than people with fair skin, but they need to protect themselves too. My advice? 10 or 6 protection, nothing heavy for your skin, but heavy enough to provide you with a minimum of protective shield.

Midday sun? I tell you no. - I'm not inventing anything even when I tell you that you should avoid sun exposure during the hours between noon and 3pm. In this part of the day the sun is in fact higher, and stronger, and presumably, after spending the whole morning in the sun, the sunscreen that you put ​​has already been weakened. This means that the sun's rays are more powerful than earlier in the morning and you are not adequately protected to receive them.
So at noon, give me a listen, lift up the tents and go have lunch!

Makeup at the beach? - I'm not telling you you shouldn't put make up at the beach, as long as it is light. Nothing like super covering foundation or "false lashes effect" mascara, which will make you look look like the symbol of the WWF (a panda) as soon as you get out of the water: maybe a light BB cream, a bit of concealer and, if you really need it, waterproof mascara and then let's go, to the conquest of the seas!
I recommend! Be sure to put products with SPF (sun protection factor) higher, not a measly 5, 10 or 15. If your products do not have an adequate SPF, I recommend a good sunscreen under makeup, which is also an excellent base .

Tanning oil: yes or no? - And who says it hurts? As usual, go slowly. You do not want to look like baked potatoes!

Be careful what people give you... - In tourist sites there are often these lovely street markets selling everything and more from carpets to cosmetics.
Be careful, do not trust all the products they want you to buy: creams might be expired, or inefficient, often of brands you've never never heard about nor seen.
Unfortunately, it is better to invest on products whose quality and efficacy you're sure of rather than risk ruining your skin forever!
On the beach there are also "freelance"massage therapists that offer you a massage done with products often improbable and certainly low price. And then you expose to the sun, risking irritation and blemishes.

The sea water: your anti-impurity cream for the summer - Oddly enough, the sea water is not only beneficial for colds, coughs and lung problems. It is also excellent for your skin, especially if it has impurities: tested on my skin, satisfied or refunded!
The sea salt cleanses deep into your pores, from the sweat of the beach and from any other type of impurity that ails you, such as pimples and blacks. Spend some time with your head under water, take a bit of water in your hands and put some on the T-zone, and you will see some improvement, especially with prolonged exposure.

Kerastase Soleil Aqua Seal 125ml
There isn't only skin - You don't have to protect only the skin, my dear girls and boys! Your hair is affected by the sun's rays and sea salt, as well as by the chlorine in the pool. There are special products in spray - like what I show you here - that protect your hair without weighing it down or making it oily, giving it volume and texture indeed!

PAY ATTENTION - Pay attention to the products you already use because many may cause you blemishes or irritation if you expose to sunlight with those on!
Also, I hope you know it, it is not advisable to apply perfume and then expose to the sun like lizards: alcohol and substances that give the aroma will make you hard to make the spots go away.

In short, "do-it-safe";-D
You do not need to be burned to have the amazing tan effect, tanning is just that extra bit of health that makes you look more "alive".

A kiss,

PS: these days I will publish a post every two days, just because they are at sea, yeee, and I'm not locked in the house all day.
PPS: if you want to give me advice, do a little 'chatter, talk to me this is my email

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