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Hello beauties!
I know, it’s been SO LONG since my last post but that’s just because I’ve been to Spain for twenty days!
I had such a great time, if you want me to write a post about my journey let me know in the comments below.
During this twenty days, I’ve fallen in love with three brushes. 
They're all from two famous brands...
Do you want to know something more about this? Just keep reading!

As I’ve just said, I’ve been to Barcelona, Spain, for twenty days and I’ve done some shopping. 
With “some” I actually mean “little”, ‘cause I’ve spent most of my money in food and cinemas (I’ve stayed at my best friend’s house and we wanted to have some fun, lol).

But there was a place I really wanted to go to: there’s a street called Creu Coberta, near Plaça d’Espanya, which can be  reached easily by taking the subway/tube L1, stop Hostafrancs. In this street, at the number 127, there’s this cute little make up shop, called Beautik.
I can definitely tell you that’s one of the best make up shops I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s not big at all, but you can find the whole Zoeva make up brushes collection, all the Real Techiques brushes and kits, all the Ecotools brushes, all the Sleek products, the whole Essence and NYX collection. Everything clean, organized, and plus there were only a few people in the shop.
The shop assistant was really kind, not annoying at all (which is rare nowadays). I’m totally in love with this shop.

By the way, I’ve spent €28 in make up brushes. I know, it’s not a lot, and that’s another reason why I love Real Techniques and Ecotools brushes: they're cheap.
I’ve bought three, as you can see from the picture, two from real techniques and one from Ecotools.
Let me just tell you how hard was to choose between so many amazing brushes. My best friend was going mad ‘cause she doesn’t care at all about make up and she was getting so bored!
At the end, after half an hour of thinking which brush was the best, why and which one I needed the most, I’ve chosen the Real Techniques Expert face brush and the Blush brush.

Visualizzazione di image.jpgVisualizzazione di image.jpg

While I was paying these ones, I’ve seen this Ecotools Airbrush Concealer for €4.99 only and I was like whaaaat I have to buy this one too!

I have to tell you I don’t regret an euro of those 28. 
I love these brushes so much, and now I can understand what all the girls mean when they say “If you have never had a Real Techniques, you’ve never tried a perfect face brush”
They are amazing: I’ve always loved their design and shape, but they’re really STUNNING. They’re so soft, you can use them to apply powder or cream and the effect will be so professional, so perfect that I was really surprised. I thought they were good, but not THIS good.
Talking about the Ecotools brush, it was a beautiful surprise. I've used that to apply my Maybelline FIT ME concealer under my eyes and I was so stunned! It’s really soft, it blends the product easily and gives that silky effect that I couldn't get with my hands or other brushes. I love it.
I also love the design, and I feel good about buying a brush that’s earth-friendly.

Real Techniques blush brush                     €11,99
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush          €11,99

Ecotools AirBrush concealer                   €4,99

I am going to buy a lot more Real Techniques Brushes: do you girls have any advice? 
Have you ever tried Ecotools brushes? Do you like this brand?

If you want to give and ask for advice, know me better or just have a chat email me at

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